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We are a traveling clothier company, which means simply book an appointment and we come to you. You get to choose from hundreds of fabric choices, get accurate measurements and a custom fit. An amazing suit can garner a lot of attention. Unfortunately, most off-the-rack clothing doesn't fit everyone's body type. That's where made-to-measure custom clothing comes in. We saw the chance to expand to the wedding side of clothing, after seeing in picture and in-person how horrible some rentals can look, and decided to jump in head first with the Here Comes the Groom line. Every man needs one damn good suit, why pay hundreds for a one-time wear when you can wear for a lifetime? Add the bonus of the memories you'll have every time you wear it

Aaron Rankin

4370 N Oak Trafficway #130,
Kansas City, MO 64116

I'm a Kansas City native, born and raised. I've been studying men's wear, style, and fashion for the better part of 4 years. I have experience with other small made-to-measure custom clothing companies and using that experience, I created Business Meets Style to better help those who need a strong, confident, and sexy look. Here Comes the Groom is my line of suits for the ones who want to stand on the same stage as their significant other! I believe it is a big day for both, why not show it off? 
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